Hill Condominiums Home Owners Association in Big Sky, Montana

Rules & Regulations

(This is only a short summation of rules and regulations)
  1. Parking: One parking permit per Studio and two parking permits per loft have been provided to all owners. Tenants will have to secure parking permits from the owner or the rental company. Visitor permits are available from the manager up to 14 days per quarter. Trailers, snowmobiles, four wheelers and mini bikes are not allowed on the Hill Condominium property. Vehicles without permit will be towed without notice.

  2. Quiet time: Quiet time is between 10:00pm and 8:00am. Property maintenance projects can be at reasonable time if approved by the board.  

  3. Occupancy: Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 1 child per studio unit, and 4 adults and 2 children per loft unit. 

  4. Satellite: Eagle Satellite is the authorized installer 406-549-4910. They offer Direct TV and Dish Network. Cable is also available from your local cable company 1-800-388-6577

  5. Decks: All decks and staircases must be free for emergency access. Items stored on decks or staircases will be discarded without notice. Fines will be assessed to the unit owner.

  6. Plow-days: Vehicles must be moved to the overflow lot by 9:00 am. Vehicles not moved will be towed without notice. Towing expenses will be assessed to the unit owner.

  7. Littering: Owner or tenants witnessed littering including cigarette butts are subject to fines.

  8. Flat roofs: These roofs are very fragile. Do not climb or place anything on the flat-roof. Damage to roof will result in a complete roof replacement and billed to the unit owner at fault for the damage.

  9. Window treatment: No blankets, flags…only approved white or off white drapes are allowed.

  10. Pets: Pets are only allowed for unit owners. Pets must be on a leash, the leash must be held by a person at all times. Renters can not have pets.

  11. Trash: Only household trash is allowed in the compactor. If you remodel your unit, you or your contractor are required to remove all debris of the property. Call the manager for rental dumpster placement.

  12. Complaints: Noise complaints or other emergencies between quiet times should be made by calling the Manager at (406) 995-7211. All other complaints must be made in writing to: Hill Condominium c/o Board of Board of Directors, P.O. Box 161758 Big Sky, MT 59716 or by email to board@hillcondominiums.com.

To view the complete rules and regulations please click here.  Please click here to see the First Amendment to the Rules and Regulations.  Please click here to see the Second Amendment to the Rules and Regulations.  
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